Saturday, December 18, 2010

KKL-JNF - A Song for the Carmel Forests

One of the treats of the Israel Ride is the opportunity to see the amazing work that JNF has done to build the land of Israel.   We ride past, or through, JNF forests, we pass some of the over 200 reservoirs that have been built by JNF, and many of the parks that we stop in for rest breaks are JNF/KKL parks.  In day trips before the ride, we've visited the nature preserve and bird sanctuary in the Hula Valley as well as JNF forests in northern Israel.   Others have visited the children's indoor playground at  Sderot, built by JNF during the height of missile attacks from Gaza.   JNF has planted over 240 million trees in Israel, the most successful reforestation program in history.  In the U.S., they are the sponsor and primary fund raising arm for Friends of Israel Firefighters (FIF).