Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pre-2010 Israel Ride in Jerusalem

Today was a full day in Jerusalem, as we prepare to depart for the first leg of the 2010 Israel Ride early tomorrow morning.  The day began with a walking tour of the old city of Jerusalem.  As always, if the city didn't come alive on it's own (it does) our guide, Bill Slott, made it come alive for us.  While we only had a few hours for the tour, Bill made sure that all of the city's 3,500 (or so) year history came alive for us.  That history, makes it easier to better the richness of the city today, as well as the challenges of addressing many of the issues in the region today.   And, perhaps most important to many of us, the tour ended with our own time at the Kotel, the Western Wall.  It was a great way to start the day.

We are here, however, for The Israel Ride, and the afternoon was all about being prepared for our departure in the morning.  Depending  on the rider, that means being fitted for their rental bike, or unpacking and assembling (with mechanics here to help with whatever is needed) our bikes.  And then a short ride, through Jerusalem traffic, to be sure that all of our parts were working.   My legs worked, my knees worked, and, right out of the box, my bike worked too -- great omens for the days ahead!

Of course, it isn't just the ride that defines the Israel Ride, it is primarily the community and the great people that we meet here.  More on that in later posts, with the first day(s) of the 2010 ride behind me.....

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