Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The 2014 Israel Ride -- Number 9, A Community on Wheels

Registration and orientation are over, the bikes are assembled and ready to go, Benji and I are ready, and the 2014 Israel Ride leaves Jerusalem at sunrise tomorrow.   This year's ride is the largest since 2007, with 165 riders and a crew of almost 50 people.   For the next six days, on routes from 150 to almost 400 miles, we are a community on wheels.  There will be quiet times, cycling through the Negev.  And, there will be our own challenges with the demands of the ride.   But, we will never be alone.

For me, that community starts with Benji, my 2nd oldest son, who is riding with me this year.  While he is a veteran of many PMC rides, this will be his longest ride, and, for sure, the longest time that we've spent together without the rest of the family.  For me, that is very exciting!   I look forward to the time with him, and to sharing the Israel Ride with him.

We are also honored by the support that we've received from friends and family.  Between the JNF Guardian of Israel event in September, which will ultimately benefit the Arava Institute, and the direct donations to the Israel Ride, we have received donations from almost 150 friends and family.   Each donor is on honored on a flag that will ride with us from Jerusalem to Eilat.  We will never be alone!

I hope to post more from the road, and share some of the excitement and good fortune of having the opportunity to participate, with Benji, in the 2014 Israel Ride.  

For now, this brief note is just to acknowledge the moment, and thank everyone who has supported and encouraged our participation in this ride and the good work that it supports.  I hope that each of our supporters can one day personally participate in the Israel Ride.   In the mean time, you are each part of the 2014 Israel Ride.

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